Yuri Dmitrievich
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I. General provisions and goals.

This project covers the basic problems of the Bessarabian of the Odessa region of Ukraine and describes the proposal and the project’s goal to resolve them.

Bessarabia edge of Ukraine is a unique place of our state that is different from other regions of the country having many natural transport and transit arteries, multinational structure and the kind of historically established way of life of the local population.
First, in Soviet times very wealthy agro-industrial edge turns into a poor region with unemployment, impoverishment, population outflow to the regional center, and abroad, as well as the degradation of the national culture and morality. This is a result of the collapse of the large and profitable farms, destruction of agricultural processing enterprises, the lack of load transportation hubs of the region – the Dniester River and the Danube ports, railways and roads as a result of destruction or deterioration.
State, regional and local authorities need to stop and change the approach and attitude of Bessarabia to the speedy modernization and development. It is a challenge for all the people of this region and the Odessa region, cure the disease in the region and across the country. There is no alternative.

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