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3. Health and education of Bessarabian region.
One of the major goals of the state is to ensure the reproduction and growth of a healthy and well-educated population of the country. The problem of health and education in Ukrainian districts of Bessarabia is directed to the commercial data stream industries in the region. In fact, without pay in the region cannot get no education, no health care. In health care, in the first place, it is necessary to introduce a system of early diagnosis of diseases, especially those prevalent in the region, such as tuberculosis, cancer, liver cirrhosis, various forms of hepatitis, etc. Open in districts of the region free diagnostic centers, which will operate in mobile diagnostic centers for the systematic diversion villages of the district, the state can at minimal cost to treat a smaller number of people infected in the early stages, rather than a large number of people with severe and costly forms of treatment of diseases. A resident of the region, visiting state district health center will know that he is guaranteed to get a free diagnosis and minimally necessary package of medication and treatment. It is also necessary in each area to open round the clock telephone and internet lines, wherever resident of the district could receive advice on a mild illness – colds, headaches, and other illnesses. This will allow the doctor to solve the problem of having to visit a patient of the medical center, which will help reduce the queues at the centers. Question decent pay doctors and teachers are very important to the prestige of the profession and attract a sufficient number of specialists in the areas. Private medical insurance and the same must necessarily operate in parallel, providing services to the public and creating competition for the state, at the same time pushing the public medical system to perfection.
We must also return the target enrollment in medical and educational institutions of higher learning with the condition of the graduate in this direction in the shortest possible time solving its social problems with housing and technical support desk.
Regarding education, it is necessary to introduce a state order for the really necessary specialty in the region, and unpopular but desperately needed in the province. In addition to doctors and teachers – provide agronomists, for tractor – combine operators, fitters, turners, engineers – irrigators, etc. In this connection the urgent need is to restore the system of vocational school in almost each of the 9 districts of the region. A base of higher education must be based on existing institutions in Izmail, Belgorod – Dniester and Odessa.

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